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Young Voices in Theatre and Education - with a focus on the Young IDEA LAB I Organised by: Young IDEA in collaboration with IDEA

The next international webinar from IDEA will take place online on the 11th of October on Zoom. 14:00 o clock in EU Theatre as well as theatre in education has been hit hard from the consequences of Covid19, but theatre makers around the world have not been short of ideas to keep making art and are trying innovative things everyday. We decided to create a virtual space where young theatre makers and theatre educators present their work, discuss, share and get inspired from each other's ideas and work!

In this webinar young IDEA will present the young IDEA Lab I transcultural project with young creators and educators that took place in Togo just before the pandemic. After that young practitioners (until 35 years old) will share their experiments, current projects and traditions that might inspire you. Young people sharing projects, works, innovative ideas about making theatre and theatre in education in the times of social distancing! In the second half of the webinar the participants will have the opportunity to discuss and exchange opinions on: "How can we make theatre when we can not meet in a physical space?" in Zoom breakout rooms in English, French, Mandarin and Spanish!

To attend this free of charge webinar: register on: until October 9th!

You will receive a zoom link per email. (max. 60 participants!)

Please check the time at your Region: Germany 2:00 PM Athens* 3:00 PM Auckland* 1:00 AM Next Day Beijing 8:00 PM Brisbane 10:00 PM Calgary* 6:00 AM Cape Town 2:00 PM Chicago* 7:00 AM Dubai 4:00 PM Hong Kong 8:00 PM Jakarta 7:00 PM Karachi 5:00 PM Kiev* 3:00 PM Lagos 1:00 PM London* 1:00 PM Los Angeles* 5:00 AM Manila 8:00 PM Melbourne 10:00 PM Mexico City* 7:00 AM Moscow 4:00 PM Mumbai 5:30 PM Nairobi 3:00 PM New York* 8:00 AM Paris* 2:00 PM

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