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The Power of/within family*
*family - what's that?
Lab 1 Togo

Be a part of the Young IDEA theater Lab 1 2020 in Lomé [Togo]!







  • who wants to
    host the next
    lab in 2021?

    • same topic

    • same team

    • different country

    • different children

  • create workshop/


31st Jan - 15th Feb 2020

  • lead
    workshops in schools 


The Power of/within family*

*family - what's that?

  • create  model

The "Young IDEA Lab Togo" is the first of more to come! All upcoming labs will lead to the final "international family meeting".

Every person associates family with a space of secureness, development and life experiences in our constantly challenging globalized world. What do children and adults need to (further) develop together in this world, to be capable to act on their own, and be emotionally rich and physically healthy?

LAB 1 in Lomé, Togo 1-15th of February 2020

The first Young IDEA Lab  took place in February 2020 in Lomé, Togo. It was build on the results of the international students meeting of 2018 [take a closer look here].


Together with young professionals from all over the world we want to further develop a concept to work with children and their parents with forms of biographical and research theater. In various workshops for the children and adults we want to connect, find answers and express ourselves. At the same time we wanted to create a network of young theatre educators that work, communicate and learn from each other.

In February 2020 we had the chance of doing 3 days of workshops learning from eachother, then working for 3 days in different teams to create workshops with kids, teenagers and their parents that took place in 3 different locations. The college "Lycée Sanguera", the "Lycée Togblekopé" and the social centre for the youth "CAER" in Togblekopé, Lomé.

At the end of the project a group of 8 people from Westafrica and Europe got together ready to organize the next Lab. We decided that the next Lab will take place in France in 2022. Right now the pandemic has been a setup in our work, but we are trying to find new ways to work together online and continue organizing the next meeting of the young IDEA group.

More infos coming soon!

The workshops are documented on film and photography.
The concept of the workshops will be published in the form of a handbook.

The documentation of Lab 1 and research results will be published on our website.



01 st - 04th February

 Conference “Drama in Education:

The importance of drama in learning” Université de Lomé

05 th - 07 th February

Input-Workshops for the participants

08 th -10 th February

Create "workshops/school labs" in workgroups

11 th - 12 th February

Try Out: Do your workshops in schools with children and parents 

13 th - 14 th February

Reflection and Transformation of Results and Methods
Create model workshops/prototypies 


This is a call for young artists & [theater] educators, young IDEA Members and especially those who participated in the young IDEA Meeting in Rostock, Germany 2018. Maximum participants 30 people.


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