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Young IDEA Webinar

young voices in theatre and education

     with a focus on the young IDEA Lab 1

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On the 11th of October we had a wonderful  webinar with over 50 participants from all over the world. The goal of this webinar that was more like an online meeting between theatre makers and theatre educators from different parts of the world was to get inspired from projects that took place online and not online during the pandemic, to connect and echange about doing theatre in social distancing conditions.

On this page you can find all the material presented during the webinar and browse through the different projects that could not be presented because of the time limit. Also on the bottom of the page you can find the notes of the discussions from the different break out rooms and Maxime Sechaudes text, that ended the webinar. 

You can find the recording on youtube until the 10th of December 2020:

Some of the Projects that did not make it on the webinar because of time are down here:

A dance project from Peru and Roger Baata talks about a project in Uganda.

Theatre in the pandemic

by Maxime Seschaud

As we all know the Pandemic we are facing nowadays is creating deep changes and problems.
All over the world this crisis is hight-lighting inequality.
Inequality between the citizens of a country
Inequality between north and south countries
Even inequality in how life is considerated
We should also mention ecology, gender inequality, racism, health systems, and repression becoming more and more violent against any social initiatives in this world.

In our field for the first time, maybe, in the history of humanity, all the Drama artists, Drama educators, Drama teachers and Pedagogues had to stop working at the same time.
Then we asked ourselves: What should we do ?
Should we take this time  to take a breath finally? to find new inspiration ? A time for silence.
Precious silence..
But silence has a price. And not everyone could afford this price.
In many countries the first concern for us was financial. A lot of us were afraid to close their theater or their company,  afraid to lose their job, affraid if we would be able to survive.
In such a condition how could we be able to continue believing that art can change the world ?
What a doubt.

But there is no place for doubt in our contemporary liberal society.And one word came out in many countries. «innovation ».
« innovation » is the new leitmotiv of our world.
« innovation » is surely positive.
« innovation » can not be negative.
If you are not innovating you are not moving forward.
If you are not moving forward you belong in the old world.
To survive we need to show that we are innovating.
Without any possibility to understand what the political and the sociological impact of such utilisation of technology could be, many artists choose the digital art as a way of expression, a way to exist.

I could talk about this phone i have that has been partly made by kids in Africa.
I could talk about the ecological impact of the internet.
I could talk about the modification in our way of thinking and focus on bringing a planet full of screens.
But i will now just talk about Drama.

Drama is a living art. Remember what exercices you facilitate in a first drama class. Exercises to create a group
a collective
with touch
A screen could never give the same effect to someone.

Of course Digital art is art. Of course we appreciate it , and artists can choose their way of expression. But Digital art is not art.
If am honest with my self, tonight if I have too choose between a movie on Netflix and a online festival i will definetely choose Netflix.
So if we believe art on the internet is easier to access;
are we really considerating the audience we want to talk to?
Are we really touching the community ?
Do we have the possibility to talk and think and exchange with our audience ?
Is it the same way to express imagination and freedom ?
Are we considerating that not everyone has a good internet connection ?
Are we considerating that not everyone has a good equipment to take part or to watch art online?
And where will we meet ? Where will we organize the community ? Where will we create and feel like a society if we all  become an individual behind a screen?

I understand my friends and colleagues, who need to adapt. Who need to find ways to continue their work and their research and I respect them.
But if the Pandemic continues, if we really have to change our way of working, I want to ask: can we invent something else ? (or re-invent?)
could we imagine Drama everywhere?
On a train, in front of a bus stop, on a roof, in the subway, in school, on the streets, in a building, in a kitchen, in a garden, in a park, even in a parking lot..
could we imagine that in our fight for equality, sustainability, minorities rights ect. we also fight to being able to put art in any single part of our life ?
Emma Goldman an american activist said : « if your revolution is not dancing, don't invite me to your revolution »
so let's dance. Let's dance without screens.

Of course am not excluding the use of technology. I am using it right now. But we need to research and think what the the sociological and political impact of it is.

Young Idea is giving us a great opportunity today. the opportunity to continue building , a strong network to promote drama education for young artists, pedagogues and teachers. Let's believe drama education is a serious way to propose other alternatives to our society .
Young idea could also be a way for us to protect our social rights in this globalized world.
To think about international solidarity.
Because today I am thinking about my friend in India who is affraid to close his theater, or my friend in Nepal , in Peru, in Uganda, in Italy, all those friends who can not see a bright or calm future .
So let's fight together so that
no theater on this planet closes ,
no master of Drama pedagogy stops existing,
no artist has difficulties surviving,
no community center, social center, group or company closes.

Let's not just be a  network but also an alliance.
Young IDEA needs all the energy and the participation of the youth generation today. We need to build and imagine new alternatives together.
We are preparing the new young IDEA Lab which will happen in France in 2022. So let's meet there in real! 

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