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Announcing new Projects and how you can participate!

About transnational projects with young theater practitioners

What have we been doing this past year? What have you been doing this past year? What is coming next year? Let´s talk!

Do you want to know other young theater practitioners around the world? Exchange your ideas and knowledge and be active together?

Meet us and get to know young IDEA! Be part of the creation of a new transnational Young IDEA project and laboratory on the topic:
“Reclaim our physical performing body
How to achieve theater for all in times of digitization?"
July 2022 in Iceland

Young IDEA Lab 2 Congress Edition
Your Input is needed! Come and meet the organizers and join us in planning the next young IDEA Lab (Congress Edition)! What does an exchange between young theatre practitioners need? How did you experience the changes online theatre brought to our understanding of the physical body? What are the advantages of the digital body in theatre? Is an ensemble of digital bodies possible?

Join us and be part of an open discussion about networking and connecting to other theatre practitioners around the world and creating an international meeting of young theatre practitioners in Iceland in 2022!

Register now:

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Who can participate ?
If you are a theatre practitioner, educator, pedagogue, teacher, theatre student, amateur theatre player or performer between 18- and 32 years old register now for the young IDEA Forum and get in touch with us and other practitioners!

The meeting is going to be in English, but if you need translation please write in the chat! If you can translate from English to your native language for your colleagues please write to us beforehand (at! Your help is greatly appreciated! 

The meeting will be on zoom, so you need a computer/ laptop with a microphone and webcam or a phone/ tablet with the Zoom- app.

We will also use Miro to gather thoughts and ideas, which works best on a computer.

You can participate with or without camera but we would love to hear you in the discussions, so find a quiet place and a good internet connection!


Why only 18- 32 year olds?
Young IDEA is the department of IDEA responsible for creating an international network of young theatre practitioners who can learn from eachother in peer to peer meetings, play theatre together, gather experiences and through them enrich their work. We especially want to work with people who are now starting their work in theatre education, who have some experience, who are still studying or who are still looking for their work style and are interested in international exchange!

A theatre practitioner is any person: who plays theatre or shares knowledge and theatre practices, has facilitating, moderating or directing experience.

Do you need to be an IDEA member?

No. If you already are a member of a national organization it is possible that your organization is already a member of the IDEA Network. That means you are also a member! 

If you would like to become a member to IDEA directly you can become an individual member and pay a smaller fee. More Info:

If you become an IDEA member you support our work, you get all the information about IDEA projects first and you can showcase your work internationally!

Young IDEA wants to include every young theatre practitioner who maybe doesn´t have the financial ability to be a member yet, and make it possible for all to join an international exchange!


Register now:

Check your local time:

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