Young IDEA

We are a network of young artists and theater educators, responsible for the content and the organizational conception of

the ism

(first internatinal students meeting, Rostock/GER, May 2018)



Young IDEA Lab 1 - Togo

(Lomé/TGO, February 2020)


the ifm 

(1th international family meeting, tba/tba)


In 2017 in the IDEA Elections in Evora, Portugal; Marion Küster was elected director of Young IDEA.  Marion Küster, is a board Member since 2010 and has worked in different committees. Since 2018, in the EO Meeting in Amsterdam, the IDEA board elected Nefeli Angeloglou for the position of director of Young IDEA too, the idea behind the double filling of the position is to combine experience and innovation. Nefeli as a young Theatre pedagogue from Greece, living and working in Germany and Marion as a professor of theatre pedagogy represent both.


Every 4-year-election there will be a change in the board of IDEA

The directors of young IDEA are

Prof. Marion Küster 

Nefeli Angeloglou

Soon there will be more information about the Young IDEA team.

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